My name is Veronica, I come from Tuscany and got married with a sicilian man...this is the reason why I'm living here, in this beautiful place called Allume.

I'm a professional sommelier, I worked in some 5 stars L hotels in Taormina, like Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea and other famous restaurants of our coast. My husband, Giuseppe, Peppe for friends, is a professional sommelier like me, and both we love good wines, good food and all the beauty that life can give us.

This year, in july, we decided to open this pretty place and call it Pietra Luce. Why Pietra Luce? Because is the italian translation of the Alum stone, the potassium alumn. This stone gives the name to our village and in the past there were also active alum mines. From the latin language alum means light and so we have  Pietra= Stone    Luce=Light.

We choosen this name to share this territory and to discover with you the secrets still hidden.

If you love Sicily, his beauty, his history, his culture, his good food, his sea, his sun, his good wines, his generous people....well, you are in the right place!

And we decided to share all these things on our way!

We welcome you...and we hope you'll enjoy your experience with us

Veronica and Peppe